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Roles of Members of the Healthcare Team


Good health is crucial in maintaining a happy, satisfying and productive life. We do our best to keep our health at optimum levels. But there are times when our health breaks down, and we get ill. In this situation, we need the help of healthcare professionals, such as those at medical staffing in Georgia and South Carolina, to help us recuperate.

Let’s look at some of the members of the healthcare care team to better understand their roles in promoting our health.

  • Physician’s role

    We go to a physician for a consultation, diagnosis, and prescription. Our physician will gather data to fully understand our medical condition and give the appropriate prescriptions for managing our illness. Our physician will oversee our treatment period to monitor progress. He/she may do the treatment or may opt to assign it to a registered nurse.

  • Registered nurse’s role

    In most cases, we will spend time with a registered nurse when we access care services from healthcare practitioners. We can approach an RN for queries or concerns about our therapy, symptoms, and side effects. To ensure we can access essential care, a nurse will work with us. RNs will communicate all data they get to the entire health care team and serve as our voice.

  • Advanced practice RN’s role

    There will be situations when a nurse practitioner treats us instead of or in addition to a physician. It’s possible for NPs to independently or with a physician’s guidance. The nature or scope of their practice will vary per state, even though all nurse practitioners have received the necessary education to make them eligible for direct patient care. An NP can evaluate, diagnose, provide treatment prescriptions, and administer care for us.

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